On the Difference Between Sinners and Saints

On the Difference Between Sinners and Saints

Hey, Hon',

Summer's winding down and my time on the road these past few months has been good to me. I've had all sorts of revelations and "ah-ha" moments...but this particular one, I just had to share with you:

There's lots of finger pointing and name callin' goin' on in the world. And, what we all need is a little perspective + grace. The difference between a sinner and a saint ain't some grand canyon, it's a bridge built with forgiveness (for ourselves or others). Let that bridge lead you back to yourself, let it mend the broken strings of your heart, and let it remind you that we're all just wanderers lookin' for a little grace in this here grand ol' rodeo of life. And, even after we've taken a hit or had a bad fall, we've got to have the guts to get back up, go back into the arena of life and ride again.

So, as the summer sun starts to dip below the horizon, and my time on the road comes to a close, I've been reflectin' back on what all I've learned and what all we have in store this Fall, and I reckon it's time to remind y'all of a little somethin' special that you've got in your back pocket – that outlaw intuition of yours.

Yep, it's that inner voice that's as true as a lone coyote's howl in the desert night. It'll raise the hairs on the back of your neck and it's as close to you as your next breath. Listen, you're learnin' to live and love on your terms - and you're makin' peace with who you are at your core. That's the priority right now. As you do that, you'll find it leaves room for all sorts of grace for other folks, too.

So, as the world gears up for its own kind of "normal," let's keep that connection to our rebel spirit alive and kickin' inside, shall we? There's gonna be an awful lot of expectations put upon you in life - especially in "hustle culture" and the "wake up and grind" mentality - and only you can decide if those commitments are somethin' worth riding out - or not.

You see, darlin', there's a whole heap of magic in trustin' your gut, listenin' to the whispers of your soul, and dancin' to the rhythm of your heart. Suddenly, your priorities become crystal clear. If it ain't on the path towards your North Star, then chances are it's just a distraction. Using your Outlaw Intuition is like two-steppin' to a tune only you can hear – a melody that's woven into the fabric of the universe itself - one that's true to who you are and where you're headed. And, when you do that, all sort of good things are magnetized to you.

So, as the world hustles and bustles and prepares for "back to school" and all that, take a moment to slow things down for yourself. Close your eyes, feel the beat of your heart, and let your body tell you what it needs. Maybe it's a deep breath, a stretch like a cat in the sun, or a simple sip of water (or somethin' a little stronger) that'll quench your spirit's thirst.

And don't you dare forget – the universe ain't shy about sendin' you signs. It's like a cosmic wink, darlin', lettin' you know you're right where you ought to be - or where you ought NOT to be. You'll know. The messages are clear. Just be on the lookout for synchronicities – those moments when a song comes on the radio, or a bird lands at your feet and the world suddenly lines up like a constellation just for you. THAT's those messages from spirit I've been talkin' about with The Outlaw Oracle card deck this whole time – call 'em hunches, call 'em whispers, call it your #outlawintuition, but whatever you call 'em, they're yours and yours alone. So, lean in close and listen. Maybe it's a dream that guides you, a song that touches your soul, or a random encounter that leaves you ponderin'. The Universe is talkin', Sugar, and it's high time you started eavesdroppin'.

So, as you trade in your bare feet for sensible shoes and the lazy days of summer for a busier pace, don't you dare lose sight of that outlaw within. Your intuition's a wild stallion, ready to lead you down the dusty trail of truth. Stay fierce, stay bold, and keep those eyes wide open, Babe. The road may twist and turn, but with that outlaw intuition of yours ridin' shotgun, you'll be just fine.

Yours in cosmic twang,

Hillary + The Outlaw Oracle Team

P.S. Don't forget to tip your hat to the universe now and then. It's rootin' for you, darlin', and it's got a front-row seat to your journey. 🌌🤠

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